Fatal Auto Accident in San Antonio

On Thursday morning, one man died, and two others had to go to the hospital after a fatal vehicle collision. The accident happened when a large truck collided with the back of a stalled SUV. At present, it is unclear whether the driver of the van could have avoided the accident or not.

Police investigate fatal South Side accident

According to My San Antonio, the police have yet to file any charges against the driver at this point. There is, of course, an ongoing investigation into the cause of the accident and whether anyone is culpable. The driver of the truck did not sustain any injuries after the crash. According to reports, he claimed that he did not see the SUV and, thus, couldn’t stop in time.

At this point, it is unclear whether the police will be pursuing this case any further. They have yet to release any statements about the incident. The crash took place on South Side and was fatal upon impact. My San Antonio have published a series of crime scene pictures, which they took after the accident happened. The images show a red SUV and a silver truck. It is clear to see that the front of the van is irreparable.


Details of the accident

Before the crash occurred, two men had been pushing the stalled SUV for quite some time. At around 3.18pm, they were moving the Chevrolet Suburban around the 15300 block of Southwest Loop 410. It is unclear when the vehicle had stalled. It would appear that the men were attempting to push the vehicle to safety or get help.

Shortly after that, a truck crashed into the SUV and the two men who were pushing it. The impact caused one of the men to die then and there. At the moment, there is no official report about what caused the man to die.  Luckily, the other man survived, but did not manage to escape serious injury.

When an ambulance arrived at the scene of the crime, they took the survivor to the San Antonio Military Medical Center. The man is now in a critical and life-threatening condition, according to the police and official reports.

It was not just the two men who suffered as a direct result of this collision. In fact, at the time of the crash itself there were other people in the vehicle. A mother and her two children were inside the Chevrolet Suburban while the men were pushing it.

On impact, the mother suffered some injuries. The police have yet to confirm what injuries the woman sustained after the crash. Her two children, a teenager, and a younger girl did not suffer at the scene of the incident. The ambulance took the woman to an area hospital where medical staff saw to her injuries.

The accident affected the 15300 block of Southwest Loop 410. It took the police and emergency services quite some time to deal with the incident. In fact, it was some hours before the traffic within this area was smooth once again.